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Second Rambling Post

I swear on Batman’s babies, I will come up with a better post after this one…

There are ideas swirling around in my head as to the entries I will post in this blog. For sure, there is enough going on in the world, entertainment, pop culture that my Inner Geek has opinions on and would willingly share. Like now that the DC reboot is reaching its 12th month, and the 12th issues of the Batman titles (Batman, Batman and Robin, Dark Detective, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, etc.) are being released, I finally have enough material to make judgments on the success (or failure) of the reboot (from a Batman fan perspective, at least). Also, things are happening in Bleach (my favourite manga) that are worth writing about. Not to mention the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie is about to be released in Japan this weekend. And there are TV shows we can definitely have things to say about. And issues! Like stupid senators and congress people saying that condoms kill babies (I don’t think they know they’re not supposed to ingest those things!). Like laws that attempt to curtail freedom of expression. Like those things.

There are a wealth of topics we can write about, for sure. But I have had to write a few funding proposals. I’m about to do a tech training in Bangkok soon. I’ve had to facilitate a new network of folks working on video for social change. I have a cat that needs all my attention all the time. I have a nightly TV schedule I have to keep. I have comic books to read coming out of my ears. I have a stack of books that want my attention. I have to clean my room weekly. I have stuff.

But I will make time for this blog because it’s a spanking awesome idea. And it would be freakin’ great to blog with Jhybe again.

So we have to make a plan. After next week, I may actually have enough time and head space to write something beyond this silly, silly post.


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Boredom connoisseur. Tattoo collector. Failed Physicist-Wannabe. Feminist. Amateur Thinker. Nerd. Manic Depressive. Borderline Socialist. Tech Addict. Traveler. Couch Surfer. Hermit in the City. Lucia’s Person. Skeptic. Almost-Agoraphobic. Alternate Universe Rockstar. Vanity Pimp. Brat. Mother Devil. Atheist. Food Junkie. Batman’s Girl. Smoker. Know-it-all. Professional Heckler. Idiot.

2 comments on “Second Rambling Post

  1. jhybe
    October 29, 2012

    🙂 Okay dude, when are we doing this?

    • c5
      December 19, 2012

      When? What are you doing for the holidays? I have about 5 days off. Let’s do this.

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